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Lecture 3

GEOG 1HA3 Lecture 3: geo

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Michael Mercier

GEOG 1HA3 Human Geographies: Society Culture Winter 2017 Homework Task 3 Research Skills RESPONSES ANSWERS Instructions: Please use the spaces below to respond to each of the ten (10) questions as outlined on the Instructions Questions document. You may begin by simply typing your response in the space adjacent to the question number. When you are finished, save this document to your computer (insure it is saved as a .doc or .docx file or else it may not be properly read in AvenueTurnitIn), and then submit it to the appropriate dropbox on Avenue to Learn (Homework Task 3). Please enter your full name (first and last) and student number below. Full Name: Nicole Sanchez Student Number: 400083875 Research Topics: 1. The role of suburban sprawl in the obesity epidemic in Canada Concepts: 1. suburban sprawl, obesity in Canada Concept Definitions: 1. suburban sprawl: the expansion of human populations away from central urban areas into lowdensity, monofunctional and usually cardependent communities, in a process called suburbanization. (wikipedia) Obesity: a chronic and often progressive condition, similar to diabetes or high blood pressure. (wikipedia) Key Words: 1. suburban, sprawl, urban, suburbanization, etc. obese, obesity, Canada, Canadian, Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, etc.Searching for Academic Journal Articles: Social Sciences Abstracts: 1. Suburban AND obesity OR urban NOT Australia Scholarly Journals (PeerReviewed): YES Other Search Related Notes (e.g. August 2005)
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