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Tuesday, October 29, 2013 Geography - Society and Culture Urban Settlement • Cities • why is studying cities important? • 50% of people live in cities • Globally, urban population need exceeded rural population in 2008 80% of people live in cities in Canada, 20% are rural • • Consider food • Rural=food production • People in urban cities are relying on other people to provide food • significant shift • What is a city? • Cities have lots of people in small area • manufacturing, forestry, farming high-rise buildings, grid layout of streets • • public transit • Is there something truly different between ac city and a nucleated village? • Large population compared to that of a village • technological change • i.e ‘’age of innovation? • economic activity and political influence places of higher level education • • Centres of culture change (diversity of cultures *heterogeneity) • In general terms of a city? 1 Tuesday, October 29, 2013 • City: relatively permanent and highly organized centre of population, of greater size or importance than a town or city • Region of first cities - Mesopotamia • Tigris & Euphrates Rivers • Approx. 3500 BC - city of Ur • cultural transformation • ‘first city’ • 25000 people • Turkey, Egypt, India-Pakistan, China, and later Europe and Central America • The origin of cities is relatively recent in comparison to the age of human species • What contributed to the emergence of cities? • The Agricultural Surplus Theory: • Nomadic hunter and gatherer societie
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