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Michael Mercier

Amir Doo Lecture 3 Geo 1HA3 Sept 16/2013 Key Concepts in Geography II  Key concepts: today… o Regions o Landscapes o Diffusion o Perception and metal mapping  Learned last class: Ability to talk about geographic terms Concepts: Regions  Region: Part of earth’s surface that contains some kind of internal homogeneity and is relatively distinct from surrounding areas according to some criteria. o Example: Human graphic types of criteria  Criteria may be: Human geographic or physical geographic or a combination of both  Internal homogeneity VS external heterogeneity o Ex: Rain fall difference between landfall o Language Vs Language o Culture Vs culture  Human/Cultural regions: Pop” example  Physical geographic regions: Temperature  Regionalization: the process of simplifying the world and its human physical geographic patterns and processes into regions o Example: Regions of Canada (eg: Borderlands o Locations on the earth’s surface are assigned into various regions based on criteria  Spatial scale: o Regions are defined by landscapes: visible feature of the land  Natural/physical and/or human/cultural  Example: PrairiesFlat land, but changed using human modification.  Concepts: Landscape o Cultural landscape: The visible human imprint on the land Or  Each cultural group imprints itself on landscapes differently  Example: Southern Ontario  Rural areas, urban suburban areas  Suburban Example: Highway  Key: Differences Amir Doo
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