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Michael Mercier

Amir Doo Lecture 4 Geo 1HA3 Sept 17/2013 Geographic Tools: The Map - Social & Cultural Interpretations KEY Concepts:  What are maps?  Telling lies of maps.  History  Producing & understanding maps o Scale o Perspective o Map Types  Geographic Information Systems (GIS)  Introduction: o Maps: 2 dimensional representation of 3 dimension field  Communication information  Roads  Tools in the analysis of spatial information  Socially Constructed  Reflect power of people that draw them  Cartographer: Map maker  Example: Argentina has o Telling lies of maps::  Lies, damn lies and statistics  How to lie with maps  Small scale map o Exclude a lot of information  Lines o Lines simplify what’s happening, therefore, being simplified  Area Features  White lies VS big lies  Example: Argentina’s territory lie  Critical EYE o Solve spatial problems  Example: Pictograph  Example: Navigational map (Pacific Islanders  Bunch of sticks together that each represent own territory o Maps Reflect current knowledge  New France  Some territories are unknown o Maps reflect fears among population Amir Doo Lecture 4 Geo 1HA3 Sept 17/2013  Explorers placed pictures of ferocious people in the map, to show danger o Maps as art o Maps are statements of power and authority  Example: British empire “the sun never sets on the empire”  Some parts of the world are always day time o Key Considerations for maps  Maps are like other forms of visual representation of data (figures, tables, etc)  Key things when producing/understanding(interpreting) of maps:  1) ScaleSize  2) Perspective Orient mental map  3) Projection 2
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