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Michael Mercier

Social/Cultural geography IV: The geographies of Race & Ethnicity Introduction: Citizenship & Identity • Citizenship: Nationality • Identity: Ethnicity (Ethnic group) Ethnicity & Ethnic groups • Ethnicity: Our affiliation with an ethnic group where racial, cultural, religious, language or national characteristics distinguish itself from the rest of the world • Ethnic groups: a group where they perceive themselves as different because of a common ancestry/shared culture Ex. European, African or Smaller (Irish Acadian) a lot is linked to our ancestry Minority groups: Chinese, Italian Canadians • Ethnicity (& ethnic groups) is inherently spatial • We can see the spatial manifestation of ethnicity (and ethnic groups) in many ways Ex. China Town and Little Italy • Ethnicity: is important for the individualist identity It is expressed via 1) Cultural landscape, foods, clothes, Sundays etc. 2) Built landscape, mosques, Italian restaurants etc. • The identity we put much pride towards our ethnicity it can have positive or negative repercussions • Ethnicity, religion and language: mechanism through which culture is expressed • Pride vs. discrimination & conflict • Globalization: Erasing local diversity through a universal language or religion, but ethnicity is hard to lose • Ethnicity is immutable, we are still preserving the diversity of ethnicity • Ethnicity is “dilutable” ex. Portuguese and French, it’s not clearly defined as a single ethnicity • Canadian census recognizes the multidimensionality of ethnicity • Origin or Ancestry: the ‘roots’ or ‘ethnic backgrounds’ of an individual via their familial history Issue: Canadian Census: multidimensionality of ethnicity (asks origin of ancestry: The roots or ethnic background of an individual via family history) • Race: based on genetically imparted physiognomical features (mostly facial features) of an individual (skin colour, etc.)
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