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Lecture 3

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Walter Peace

Thursday January1212 Human Geography Lecture 3 Basic Concepts of Human Geography Similarity and Difference in Space Regionsno two places on earth can be exactly the same p 22 o Different absolute locations o Different physical and cultural characteristicsPlace A is not the same as place BDespite uniqueness of places it is still possible to generalize about spatial regularitiesRegion an area of the earths surface featuring internal uniformity while differing from surrounding areasRegion any earth area with distinctive and unifying physical or cultural characteristics that distinguish it from surrounding areas p 471regions are devices of areal generalization focused on key unifying elements or similarities of the area being studiesexampleregion of Canada o Atlantic Canada o Industrial Heartland o Western Canada o British Columbia o Near North o Far NorthWhat are the distinctive and unifying characteristics of each of these regions Types of RegionsFormal uniform region an area of essential uniformity in one or a limited combination of physical or cultural features o Bound by political boundaries ie Province of OntarioFunctional nodal region an area as a spatial system where the parts are interdependent operating as a dynamic organizational unit o How the region functions as a spatial system o ie commutershed of Metro Torontocan have a map of commutershed how far people commute etcPerceptual region perceived areas that are meaningful to those who recognize them o Eg ethniccultural areas in citieso Not formal or functional they are perceivedo ie Chinatown little Italy
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