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Walter Peace

Lab 7 What is planning? (79)  An order sequence of events designed to achieve a particular goal (or set of goals)  A process (ordered sequence of events) o The example of coming to McMaster  How do we apply the concept of planning to cities?  What are some examples? What does urban planning involve? (80)  Land use (what goes where and what does not go where)  Social (provision of services, i.e. schools, hospitals, etc.)  Transportation (roads, transit, etc.)  Environment (use of the environment (i.e. pollution) vs. preservation/ conservation)  A challenge of urban planning: o Meeting the needs of many/competing interests o E.g. politicians, businesses, the community, individual, etc. Cities are shaped by a variety of forces  Social  Economic  Demographic  Political  Technological  Etc.  Planning tries to respond to /anticipate the changes caused by these forces  And, in so doing, planning tries to make cities function more effectively and make cities better places to live Contexts of planning (examples_  Changing demographics (i.e. aging) o The social service needs of a neighborhood change when the demographics change (i.e. Less schools and more retirement homes)  Social/technological change (i.e. the automobile) o The infrastructure needs of cities have changed as society has become ever-more in love with the automobile (i.e. more roads, more highways, more parking lots, etc.)  Economic change (i.e. deindustrialization) o The use of land, infrastructure, places of employment have changed as the Canadian economy ahs transitioned form largely industrial to highly service-based (i.e. factories replaced with office complexes) 82 th - the GTA is the 4 most congested area on the continent, behind Los Angeles, San Fran, and Chicago - Travel times during peak hours are expected to increase in the next decade. The drive form Hamilton to Toronto (approx. 1.5 hrs. during rush hr. today) is expected to be 3 hrs. in 2021) - Congestion costs the GTA #3.3 billion
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