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Walter Peace

Introduction to Assignment 2 Issues:  Growing urban population  Increasing congestion in the core of cities  Increasing recognition of problem associated with car dependency (e.g. environment, pollution, etc.) Solutions: A) Urban Densification: increasing number of people living in the core (and not using their car). This is happening B) Alternative Forms of Transportation – e.g. buses, subways, streetcars and LRTS  Research suggest that LRT or Subway construction solves the transport problem and helps to increase the urban density (around the station) o E.g. the ‘GO’ Station in Hamilton - Hamilton has proposed an LRT (Light Rail Transit) System for the city (to be funded by the city, the province and the federal government) - A number of routs are planned o 1. An East-West route connecting Cnetre Mall with McMaster/ University Plaza via Downtown o 2. A North –South route connecting the Harbor and the airport, again via downtown - The LRT Line is expected to be either a curbside or central-median-type system. o This means there will be dedicated tracks running on the streets. - The LRT will not stop at intersections like buses and streetcars do, but rather will stop at purpose-built stations (not unlike a subway stop). Proposal  8-10 page report - Short background of the LRT system for Hamilton - Justification for LRT route through CENTRAL Hamilton - Justification for 3 LRT Stations NOTE: your Justifications should report not only why your sites were chose, but why other sites were rejected - Discussion of how the north-south route (proposed by you and your partner) will interest with the ea
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