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GEOG 1HB3 Lecture Notes - Automobile Dependency, Urban Density, North South Mrt Line

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Introduction to Assignment 2
Growing urban population
Increasing congestion in the core of cities
Increasing recognition of problem associated with car dependency (e.g.
environment, pollution, etc.)
A) Urban Densification: increasing number of people living in the core (and not using
their car). This is happening
B) Alternative Forms of Transportation e.g. buses, subways, streetcars and LRTS
Research suggest that LRT or Subway construction solves the transport
problem and helps to increase the urban density (around the station)
o E.g. the ‘GO’ Station in Hamilton
- Hamilton has proposed an LRT (Light Rail Transit) System for the city (to be funded
by the city, the province and the federal government)
- A number of routs are planned
o 1. An East-West route connecting Cnetre Mall with McMaster/ University
Plaza via Downtown
o 2. A North South route connecting the Harbor and the airport, again via
- The LRT Line is expected to be either a curbside or central-median-type system.
o This means there will be dedicated tracks running on the streets.
- The LRT will not stop at intersections like buses and streetcars do, but rather will
stop at purpose-built stations (not unlike a subway stop).
Proposal 8-10 page report
- Short background of the LRT system for Hamilton
- Justification for LRT route through CENTRAL Hamilton
- Justification for 3 LRT Stations
NOTE: your Justifications should report not only why your sites were chose, but why
other sites were rejected
- Discussion of how the north-south route (proposed by you and your partner) will
interest with the east-west route which will be running on King St (in reality, this
has not yet been decided)
Map 1: Shows LRT route and locations of stations
Map 2: Site Plan
- Maps should be on the paper provided to you IN LAB (no other copies will be
- Must follow proper map formatting. ALL Maps should include:
o Major Street Names
o Directions of LRT routes
o ALL major map elements (title, author, legend, scale, etc.)
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