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Michael Mercier

A map is a graphic representation of the geographical setting. • Shows where places and things are located • “Any concrete or abstract image of the distributions and features that occur on or near the surface of the earth or other celestial bodies. • Many kinds of maps (political, social, and geographical) • Display data but they also reveal spatial relationships • Cartography is the art of map-making The purpose of a map is to record and communicate information about the environment. • Shows relationships between features • Determines patterns formed by many types of distributions on the earth’s surface Everybody can make and use maps. • Google Earth and OpenStreetMap are examples that contribute to map-making\ • GIS (Geographic Information Systems) A topographic map is a 2D picture of a 3D surface. • Contour lines are used to represent height or elevation of geographical features. They measure slope, angles, and aspects and help users to visualize the variations among features. • Produced by putting multiple maps together to cover a large area • Show the surface of the earth in great detail • Provide elevation information Topographic maps provide useful 3D topographic information that can be used for a variety
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