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Uneven Development Goal: To find relative and absolute differences in development from one part of the world to another. Development has striking spatial variation in terms of well-being. (The haves and have-nots) • These variations exist at numerous spatial scales. (global, regional, national, local) • Variations are the levels of development. (continuum between the high and low end in economic status) • Development is a process of improvement in the material conditions of life. This is typically measured in economic terms.  Does not measure social development: holistic measures (education, access to healthcare, political/religious freedoms)  Modernization, advancement, economic growth, increase in production Development is measured with a continuum between two points. (first world vs. third world countries, developed vs. developing, less developed vs. more developed) • The less developed world is measured by mortality rate, education differences, and economic differences in general • The less developed world has a history with European
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