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Key Concepts in Human Geography 1.docx

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Michael Mercier

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Key Concepts in Human Geography 1 Space is the areal extent, amount of the Earth’s surface that it covers. • Absolute space is the objective, physically real, with measurable extent and definable boundaries (map making). Example: mathematical projections • Relative space is subjective, perceptual and variable over time. Examples: topological maps (sketches), the estimation of space of scale and distance. Location refers to a particular position in space. • Absolute (mathematical) location: relatively unchanging. Example: longitude and latitude. • Relative (perceived) location: subject to change and interpretation. Example: Hamilton is close to Toronto: subjected to perspective and scenario. • Nominal (toponym) location: a place name. Example: a location of significance Places are attachments, meanings, and/or particular significance. Examples: home, restaurants • Location + meaning = place • Sense of place has an emotional attachment to the certain place, a vibe that causes emotions. Examples: Places that we have not visited: pyramids of Gaza: hot, in awe, traditional, Disneyworld: happy, cartoon-like • Sense of place and uniqueness: travelling to experience the sense of place by being part of the community • Sacred places tend to associate themselves with religious places that emanate a strong feeling and/or emotion that are extremely set apart. • Placele
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