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Lecture 14

Lecture 14 – Urban Canada – Oct. 31st 2012

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McMaster University
Walter Peace

Lecture 14 – Urban Canada – Oct. 31 2012 Urban in Canada: settlements of 1,000 (vs. 2000 in the US) Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) – urban core population of at least 100,000 people; currently there are 33 CMA’s in Canada which make up 65% of the population Urbanization trends: Year %Urban (living among 1000 ppl) 1901 34.9 1921 47.4 1941 55.7 1961 70.2 1981 76.2 2001 79.1 2006 80 Other trends: 1. late 1920’s – 50% of Canadians were classed as urban 2. late 1960’s – over 50% of Canadians were living in CMA’s (there were only 18 CMA’s at this time) 3. late 1970’s – over 50% of Canadians were classed as living in suburban areas (i.e. living outside older central city areas) year Cities with 100,000 Cities with >1M %urban 1921 6 0 47.4 1961 18 2 70.2 1996 25 4 78.5 2006 33 6 80 Historical evolution of Canada’s urban system: Four stages: th 1) Mercantile stage (up to the end of the 18 century): Cities & towns were imperial outposts with military/administrative functions in colonial context. There was limited economic function (most related to the export of staple commodities such as fish, fur & timber etc.) 2) Commercial stage (early to mid 19 century): It is a transition stage between the mercantile and industrial stages of capitalism. There were more commercial interests (such as wholesaling and retail), which underlies city growth and function. 3) Industrial Stage (late 19 century to 1960’s): Urban growth and urbanization driven by manufacturing (industrial capitalism). There was an emergence of a national network of transportation/communications. Larger ci
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