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Lecture 4

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Maureen Padden

January 11 2012Population and environmental managementWhen dealing with environmental issues that are global in nature end up categorizing countries on basis of different variables o Often wealth is one of themo Difficult to separate countries between developed and developing In 2010 o Income per person xaxis o Life expectancy yaxis o The general trend showed poor die youngrich die older o There is a huge cloud in the middle that was present Calling any of these countries in the middledeveloping countries make no sense if you look at the life expectancy Need to focus where the problem lieseg Africa o The size of the circle is population basedo In 2010 Canadas life expectancy is about 8081If we look back 100 years or so in 1900 on average people were expected to live until 50Poor lookout short lifeo Another generalization used a lot indicated by image to left o Industrialized countries like Western Europe Canada and the US has gone through this o The image to left is the best model that shows how countries become wealthier and industrialized and how the population picture changeso Allows us to get countries across this wealth barrier without them having to deal with a population barrier o The preindustrialized period o When population was low high birth rate but high death rateo High equilibrium both death and birth rates are highIndustrialized period when the graph steeps upward o First thing that falls is death rate
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