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Lecture 7

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Maureen Padden

January 18 2012 Invasive speciesPeople in ships specialize in bringing things into the Great Lakes and back Most ocean species cannot live in the Great Lakes because the salinity is different Some species can cross from one to the other If you are coming from the lakes in Europe or Asia if any of it was freshwater than that is a concernthe idea is to balance the waterThere are certain restrictions such as in Hamilton to not exchange the water when on board because some invertebrates such as zebra muscles invasive species stick to the bottom of containers and holes there is a concern because if water was exchanged possibility to introduce these invasive species into an area BiomesBiome o Is a kind of ecosystemo Large relatively distinct region o The biome is at the top of the hierarchy individualpopulation biomes o Biome is a way of generalizing an areaGeographic biological and physiological way of dividing things o Characteristic determinants which are common to the area Climate precipitationtemperature PrecipitationSoil bedrock or soil or mixture of bothOrganismsMap o Different biomes make up Canadao Within a biome some species wander through several biomes within a yearAnimals tend to move large ranges Example migrating birds that go from Northern parts Arctic biomes o Biome is a way of generalizing an area o Hamilton is the mixed wood plains biomeBut this area no longer looks like the mixed wood plains which contains thick forestsmixed deciduous forests Forests which lose their leavesInstead we have lots of agricultureIt was thick forests the first settlers found it scary and ugly because the forests were thick and there were big predators which was terrifying for early European settlers Matter cyclingNutrient cycles o Biogeochemical cycles means why which nutrient elements and their compounds cycle continuously through atmosphere hydrosphere lithosphere and biosphereo Certain elements are active in the biosphere same elements tend to be active in other spheres
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