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Lecture 18

Lecture 18 Farm for the future.docx

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Maureen Padden

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Friday February 17 2012 Farm for the future film httpvideogooglecavideoplaydocid2750012006939737230farming is difficult depends on food shortages oil pricesfarms including organic farms are dependent on fossil fuels particularly oil and thus are not sustainable oil we need will be in few supply fuel prices affecting farmsoil crisis will have a huge impact on every aspect of life we would starve if we didnt have any oil in the world all the alternative technologies wont replace fossil fuels according to some even GM crops are utterly dependent on fossil fuels food system can collapse in both poorly developed and rich countriesback then horses were used for heavy work vs modern tractors which use fueltoday oil tractors can use 400 horse power before it was only 2 horses average age for a farmer now is 60 in Britaindont have physical strength to continue hard labor therefore we cant go back to the old way of farming using horseshay harvest by far is the biggest use of fossil fuels to provide for the cows Most farmers use 4 forms of species But the solution is to use many many different forms of species therefore they do not get affected by cow dont need to keep going and replacing the feed NOT ploughing damage caused to the life in the soilfeast of the birds After 20 years of thesame treatment no life and no birdstoo much damage done Fertilizer added nitrates phosphates and potash food reliant on on fertilizer This causes the use of fossil fuels more fertilizers make
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