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Making a Map

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Darren M Scott

Choropleth maps are the most common type produced in GISSymbolizationSymbolization can be thought of as a matrix First you need to figure out what kind of data youre trying to mapPOINTLINEAREANOMINALExamples Types of Examples Political Examples Land use buildings schools fire boundaries roads rivers geologic formations stations hospitals types railroadsvegetation language of settlements villages familiestowns citiesSymbolization Type is distinguished by the Symbolization Symbolization varying character of the Conformity between Distinctive legible and line thickness colour the real world and the consistent with continuitymapped world ie blue established conventions means water dont Distinctive colours can screw with that unless also be usedbut do not youre representing use shades of a something else blue particular colour as this like a political party indicates shades of Avoid using shades of qualitative differences just one colour eg box with a triangular Patterns are often good flag on top is a schoolchoicesdots and cross hatches preferred avoid just monodirectional lines group these patterns logicallyORDINALExamples size of Examples roadway Examples suitability of settlements proportion congestion political soils for a certain crop of French speakers boundaries national vs Major vs minor provincialmanufacturing areasSymbolization Size or quantity is best Symbolization Differences Symbolization Areas distinguished by varying in status or intensity are should be assigned the size of the symbol shown by varying line shading that varies with Intensity is best weights colours shades intensity darker distinguished by shading or continuitytonescolours for the symbol darker tones greater intensityfor greater intensityINTERVAL Phenomena are of two Examples lineslink Two types ofRATIOtypes continuous capacity link travel time phenomenta temperature flowstraffic trade 1absolute precipitation elevation migrationquantities and discrete production totalsfrom mines population Symbolization flows are 2densities and of settlementsoften represented with other ratios
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