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The Industrial Heartland

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Walter Peace

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The Industrial HeartlandOctober 19 20111045 AM Chapter 5 6 IntroductionHeartland a geographic area in which a nations industry population and political power are concentrated also known at a core See Bone ch1Main Street Canadian equivalent to US Megalopolis BOSNYWASHnick name combo Of Boston and Washington2Area 175000km 18 of Canada55 of Canadas population a concentration greater than that in the core of any other developed nation Yeates 19976 of 10 largest CMAs 18 of 33 CMAs2Density100 persons km 10x higher than anywhere else in Canada 93 of Ontarios population lives in this region 80 of Quebecs population line in this region Montreal Quebec CityTrois RivieresOntario Quebec together account for 62 of Canadas population mostof which lives in the heartland Problem challenge of regional boundariesTextTreats Ontario and Quebec entire provinces as separate regionsLecturesTreats southern most parts of OntQue As one region Industrial Heartland Treats the northernmost parts of Ont Que As belonging to the Near North and or the Far NorthQuestions1What factors underlie the heartland status of this region1What are the impacts consequences of this type of development on people and the environment in this region and in other regions3 sets of characteristics1PhysicalClimate soils transportation energy1CulturalFrench English1Economicresourcestradecreation of wealth The remarkable paradox2 distinct linguistic cultural regions faultlinecultural social DisunityYET AT THE SAME TIME economic unityToponyms place namesUpper Canada Canada WestS OntarioLower CanadaCanada EastS QuebecStaples Theory economic development linked to export of resources to external markets Harold Innis The Fur TradeFish fur timber wheatLate 18th century
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