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Cartographic History of Canada
Cartographic History of Canada

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The Vinland MapOne of the very first maps that shows what becomes part of North AmericaVinland is the place on the East Coast where the Vikings visited in approximately 1000 AD But the map was drawn 400 years later Or was it The map was discovered and sold to Yale University in the 1960s It has been said that even if it is a fake the controversy it has triggered makes it worth just as much money as if it was realLAnse aux MeadowsComplete with viking sod huts similar to those found in Norway Located in modern day northern NewfoundlandJacques Cartier MapVoyaged up the St Lawrence in 15341535 Map measured 4x6 To read the southern hemisphere you would need to walk to the other side of the table because the text was flippedSamuel de ChamplainMapped most of the NorthEastern part of the countryand did so very accurately His very first map of this area was in approximately 1616 Cartographers of this time did not like big open spaces on their maps and so they filled them with images and figures Hudsons Bay CompanyIn 1670 a charter gave the rights to all of the area that drains into th
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