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Richard B Day

Part II The Physical Environment Canadas Physiographic RegionsPurpose1To describe Canadas physical geography and climate 2To consider the relationship between Canadas physical and human geographies3To examine the nature of environmental issues in Canada Questions1Where is Niagara Falls2Where was Niagara Falls 10 000 years ago it was in a different location 3Why is the second question necessary because the physical environment is continuously changing Now 8 km or so south of its location 12 000 years ago Niagara Falls Then and NowSince the end of the last ice age 12 000 ya Niagara Falls has retreated about 8 km up the Niagara RiverSince Father Louis Hennepin saw the falls in 1678 retreat300 mExplanation for retreatrecessiongeologic composition of Niagara escarpment The Physical EnvironmentWhy is Canadas physical geography so essential to and understanding of its regional geography Bone 2011 31Physical landscapes differ in terms of landforms geology climate vegetation soils hydrology for example Ontario has a certain set of the above characteristics which is not the same as other places such as Northwest Territories DefinitionsPhysiographic regionan area with distinct surface landform features geomorphology and underlying rock structure geology see Fig 21 p 34Geomorphologythe study of landforms and the processes of their genesis from Greek root works geoearth and morphform Geology 101Three basis rock types1Igneousrocks formed when minerals crystallize during the cooling of molten liquids eg granite heat most of Canadian Shield made of types of granite 2Sedimentaryrocks formed through the layering of mineral particles eg limestone deposition
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