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Geography 2RC3 lecture 3 jan142014PART 2 The physical EnvironmentThe legacy of the ice ageIntroductionPurpose to examine the influence of glaciation during the Pleistocene epoch on Canadas physical landscapeSee Bone Ch2 esppp3537 and Vignettes 23 24 25 26The Pleistocene EpochBegan nearly 26 mya ended 12000 yaSeveral advances glacial periods and retreats interglacial periods of continental ice sheets in northern hemisphere beginning one million years BP up to 10000 years BPHolocene Epoch the current period on the geologic time scale began 10000 years agoProcess of melting thats where landforms gets created Most recent glacial period known as the Wisconsin Ice Age which began 67000 years ago and ended 12500 years agoMaximum extent of Wisconsin ice sheet reached 1825000 years ago see Fig 22Previous ice agesoIllinoianoKansanoNebraskanScientific knowledge regarding ice ages is quite recent early theories proposed by Louis Agassiz and Charles Lyell between 1830 and 1860Darwins Origin of Species published in 1859Theories regarding the causes of Ice ages focus on the factors which cause variation in the amount and distribution of sunlight solar energy reaching the Earths surfaceIn each case these factors affect the Earths orbit which in turnaffects incoming solar radiationNote These are natural factors not humaninduced
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