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Lecture 4

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Geography 2RC3 lecture 4 jan162014PART 2 The physical EnvironmentClimate regions of CanadaClimate regions of CanadaWeather short term day to day locationsspecific temperature and precipitation conditions the weather in Hamilton todayClimate long term seasonalannual temperature and precipitation conditions at the regional or continental scale the climate of southern Ontario in winterHamiltons weather January 152013High temp 2CLow temp 5CConditions partly cloudyNormal high temp 05CNormal low temp 93CRecord high temp 156C 1995Record low temp 228C 1964Where of these numbers come fromthey come from all the records from January 15Normal are determined by taking the temp of same day and averaging them out and drives perception of the weatherGeneral factors affecting climate1 Latitude higher the latitude the colder the temperature2 Elevation decrease in temp associated with increase in elevation3 Proximity to large bodies of water continentally further we get away from the ocean the greater the extremesoNewfoundland the winter dont get as cold as Winnipeg because the its near the water body Therefore if the temp gets really hot water will cool the temp and vice versa4 Ocean currents
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