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chapter 2

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Walter Peace

Chapter 2 Canadas Physical BasePhysical Variations Within Canadaphysical geographersconcerned w physiography bodies of water climate soilsnatural vegetation all aspects of the physical worldregional geographersinterested in how physical geography variesinfluences human settlement of the land effect of human activities on the natural envt o humans can impact land negatively land is converted into golf courses resorts housing urban sprawldecreases animals farmlandNature of Landformsdenudation gradually wears down mountains by erosionweatheringo Ex Appalachiansworn down due to weathering breaking down solid rocks into smaller particles erosion transporting these particles by air icewaterThe earths crust 001 of the earth consists of 3 rocks 1 igneous formed from molten rock magma 2 sedimentary formed from particles derived from previously existing rock through denudation form into mud then rocks then due to hardening form into layers of sediments 3 metamorphic they are igneoussedimentary rocks that have been transformed by pressurehigh temp faulting process that fractures the earths crustfolding bendsdeforms the earths crustfault line a crack in the earths crust continental drift plant tectonicswhen these plates drift they collide w one another creating mountains at times Physiographic Regionsa large area of the earths crust that has 3 key characteristics o it extends over a large attached area w similar relief features o its landform has been shaped by a common set of geomorphic processes o it posses a common geological structurehistory Canadian Shield the Precambrian crystalline rock contains deposits of copper diamonds gold nickel ironuraniumInterior Plains have a sedimentary structure that contains oilgas depositsThe last ice age Wisconsin affected all of the regionsit consisted of 2 major ice sheets the LaurentideCordillerastripped away surface materialdeposited it furtherwhen it melted it formed lakeslargest one in Manitoba the Great Lakes
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