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chapter 3

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Walter Peace

Chapter 3Canadas Historical GeographyMT Test 25 of final mark 40 min40 MC Q th Lectures up toincluding Sept 28Ch 13 p7274 4 Locations TBAThe First Peoplefirst world ppl were Old World hunters who crossed a land bridge called Beringia into AlaskaYukon 3025000BPthe first ppl of NA are called PaleoIndias who arrived 11000BPPaleoIndians developed 3 hunting cultures Clovis FolsomPlano PaleoIndiansdescendants of the Old World hunters used fluted points to hunt mammothsmastodons became extinct then hunted buffalo and caribou fishplantsculture areas geographic regions w 1 a common set of natural conditions that resulted in similar plantsanimals 2 inhabitants who used a common set of hunting fishingfoodgathering techniquestoolsIndiansAlgonquins Cree Ojibwa are descendants of the PaleoIndiansdomesticated plantsanimals planted corn beanssquash the 3 sistersChapter 4 Canadas Human FaceCanadas Population in 2009 reached 33M 05year from 20012006 mostly in Western Canada OntarioBCReasons for growth ppltn gained from territorial expansion natural increaseimmigrationCanada is a medium sized country onlyof nations have a larger ppltn than Canada 2 Has one of the lowest ppltn densities35pplkm Bangladesh1000 Ontario134Ppltn distribution the dispersal of ppl win a geographic areaCanadas is unevenly distributedEcumene inhabited area the population core of CndOntQue have 62 of Cnds ppltnCore Zone Cnds core ppltn zone lies in the Grt LakesSt Law Area w 19M ppl Toronto Montreal Ottawa QC Hamilton Oshawa LondonWindsor o Based on agriculturemanufacturing
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