GEOG 2RC3 Lecture 2: Lecture 2 2RC3

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Weather day to day, location specific with respect to temperature and precipitation: canada"s weather is variable so we cannot speak of it in a general way. Climate long term average, seasonal and regional: temperature and precipitation of long term averages in a larger geographic area, you would not ask someone what hamilton"s climate is like today (not the correct term) Latitude: the higher the latitude; the lower the temperatures; you are getting closer to the north pole. Elevation: the higher the elevation the lower the temperature on average (with all other things being constant) mountains retain snow even in higher temperatures. Winnipeg then st. john"s because it does not have a moderating effect. In the nh winds blow from west to east; prevailing winds are from the west. Increase in altitude you go from subtropical, temperate, cool temperate, tundra and polar. Prevailing winds: north of the tropic of cancer you have prevailing westerlies.