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Lecture 6

GEOG 2RW3 Lecture 6: Week 6: Russia, Central Asia

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Michael Mercier

Monday, February 13, 2017 Russia, Central Asia and the Transcaucasus Geographical Extent - The northern part of the Eurasian Continent: extending from Europe to the Pacific - Total Area: 21km2 (2nd largest) - Population: 232milion. (9th Largest) - Russia — 144 million - Uzbekistan — 30 million - Kazakstan — 17 million Physical Geographic Patterns - Climate - 1. Polar, 2. Continental, 3. Arid/Semiarid - Physiography - Coastal Character: vast coastline of the Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean Coastline - Seas and Bays: Black sea, Caspian sea, Aral sea, Lake Barail (This lake has more water than all of the great lakes combined) - Environmental Catastrophes: Aral sea has completely disappeared because of human activity. Can’t fish or use boat - 1. Mountains, 2. Plains, 3. Plateaus, 4. Permafrost, 5. Desert - Mountain ranges: Ural, Caucasus, Pamir, Tien Shan, Altay - River Systems: some of the worlds longest rivers drain the vast Siberian plains and plateaus - Ob, Yenisey, Lena, Amur - While others drain the Russia Plain - Denierper, (Belarus, Ukraine — To black sea) 1 Monday, February 13, 2017 - Don (to black sea) - Volga (to Caspian sea - Landscapes of the Environments of the Region - Central Siberian Plateau Human Geographic Patterns - The Silk Road: Globalization of ~2500 years ago - a network of over-land trade routes connecting East Asia (China), South Asia (India) and Mediterranean Europe via Persia (the Middle East) and Central Asia - Central Asia via North of the Himalayas - Silk and Spices (East) - Gold and glass (West) - The Russian Empire c. 15th C - the Russian Empire (The Muscovites) wished to expand their territory and secure greater resources - Annexation of adjacent lands - West: Ukraine, Native etc - East: Siberia Etc - The Soviet Union/ Union of Society Socialist Republics - Russian Revolution (early 20th C) - an uprising against the Tsars (monarchs of the Russian Empire) - The Soviet Union (later USSR) was born - A new social contract: state control of al
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