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Lecture 7

GEOG 2RW3 Lecture 7: South Asia

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Michael Mercier

Monday, March 20, 2017 South Asia Geographical Extent - Southern (central) portion of the Eurasian continent - Countries and Territories: 8 - Total Area: ~5 km2 - 9th largest - Population: 1.75 billion - Largest - India: 1,311million - Pakistan: 189 million - Bangladesh: 161 million - Afghanistan: 33 million - Urbanized: 27% - Least urbanized of all the regions - although population is growing, it is not urbanizing - Countries of the region: - India - Pakistan - Afghanistan - Nepal - Bhutan - Bangladesh - Sri Lanka - Maldives 1 Monday, March 20, 2017 - Contested Boundaries; Case Study - Siachen Glacier - Among the worlds largest glaciers - A key source of water for the Indus River (Pakistan) - Conflict: between India and Pakistan - Tibet - Governed by China (thus East Asia); variously regarded as part of South Asia (along with Nepal and Bhutan, etc.) and central Asia - Tibetans are a cultural group, that reside in the mountainous Himalayas and the Tibetan Plateau - Tibetan Buddhism, a religion that diffused from n India - Tibet has long lobbied for independence from China and their leader, Dalai Lam), lives in exile in India Climate - 1. Arid/Semiarid - 2. Tropical - 3. Humid Subtropical - 4. Highland -
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