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Lecture 8

GEOG 3RW3 Lecture 8: Geography 3RW3 - Lecture 8 - Biomes and Protected Areas: Part 1

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Segei Basik

Geography 3RW3 – Dr. Basik – Page 1 Lecture 8 – Wednesday January 21 Biomes and Protected Areas: Part 1 News • Lecture Notes o Will start adding more to skeletal lecture notes • Test o Test next week o Worth 10% o Lectures 2-11 (physical geography topics): the main geographical terms, concepts, facts and regional geography nomenclature o Will post complete notes for Monday and Wednesday to study o 40 questions (30 marks maximum) o Thursday January 28 o He posted a map on avenue o Info posted on avenue o Lecture notes only for the test Introduction • Figure o Indian/Bengal tiger o Endangered animal in South Asia o This tiger is protected o 30% increase in tiger population from 2011-2014 o Incredible increase • Biome o A major region where different natural components (climate, soils, vegetation, fauna) are characterized by broad uniformity o A biome can also be referred to as an “ecosystem” o Different levels of biomes o Example: biosphere, landscape • R. Whittaker o R. Whittaker plotted rainfall versus temperature for points all over the globe on a single graph o Reverse form on the graph (see average temperature) o Diagram is simple but also explains many general things about biomes o Maximum precipitation in tropical rainforest o The different biomes were grouped according to mean annual temperature and precipitation o Figure: A simplified version of Whittaker diagram Five Biomes* • 1) Tropical Monsoon Forest o 1.1) Moist Monsoon Forest o 1.2) Dry Monsoon Forest • 2) Mangroves Geography 3RW3 – Dr. Basik – Page 2 o Important for this region (Bangladesh) o Very specific ecosystem o South Asia is an example on a global scale o Other regions in India • 3) Dry Savanna o 95% of savannas are dry o Not the classic savanna that would be in Africa • 4) Desert o Thar Desert – largest in the region o A couple more deserts in Pakistan with different ecology • 5) Montane Biomes o System of biomes o Vertical zonation in the Himalayas o Several biomes inside this region o 95% covered by this type of system Moist Monsoon Forest • Geographical Location o The Western Ghats, The Eastern Ghats, Eastern/North-Eastern India (Assam), South-West Sri-Lanka, The Indian Ocean Archi
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