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Lecture 21

GEOG 3RW3 Lecture 21: Geography 3RW3 - Lecture 21 - Population Geography

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Segei Basik

Geography 3RW3 – Dr. Basik – Page 1 Lecture 21 – Thursday February 26 Population Geography News • Exam o Definitions and fill in the blank o After midterm content o 50% of definitions on textbook information, 50% lecture notes o Same with fill in the blank (half lecture half textbook) o He will provide general info before exam o Textbook section – he will provide definitions to know like last time • Indo-European Family o Christian influence o Similar things in languages o Bases of language is Sanskrit o This language adopted a lot of terms • Picture o Is it possible that this slide reflects population geography of south Asia? o India is very populated (overpopulation), but regional disparities o Bangladesh overpopulated o Strong to climb up on this train o Mostly males Introduction • South Asia – one of the world’s great clusters of human population • About 1.7 billion people - more than 20% of Earth’s population • More people are living inside this circle than outside of it • More people in our planet live inside this relatively small area (China/India) • One of the most populated places on earth 1. Major Demographic Patterns – Population Growth • By 2050, South Asia’s population is likely to exceed 2.2 billion from the current level of 1.7 billion o Rapidly increased population just from 2002 o Why did it drop slightly in 2010? Geography 3RW3 – Dr. Basik – Page 2 • Figure: Cartogram shows the relative size of countries around the world according to their population size o Two giants: Russia and Canada are giant in size, but tiny in population size o India has experienced extraordinary population growth: between 2001 and 2011 India added 181 million people (about five times higher than the population of Canada and slightly less than the population of Brazil) o Numbers are absolutely enormous • Population Age o In South Asia – about 1/3 of population younger than 14 years old o The period during which the proportion of the population in the labour force ages is increasing, provides a one-time “demographic window of opportunity”, or “demographic dividend” for investing heavily in human resource development o Important view for future develop
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