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Lecture 16

GEOG 3RW3 Lecture 16: Geography 3RW3 - Lecture 16 - Midterm Review

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Segei Basik

Geography 3RW3 – Dr. Basik – Page 1 Lecture 16 – Monday February 9 Midterm Review • Midterm o Worth 30% o Lectures 2-11, 13-15 o Textbook 1, 2, 6 • Segment 1 • Multiple Choice (40 questions, 0.5 marks each) • Lecture Notes (Lectures 2 – 11, 13 – 15) • Focus on introduction to landmass, square km, Indian ocean, characteristics of Indian ocean = numbers • Lecture 2 – regional characteristics (different regions); be able to provide subdivisions • Geological aspects/ terms (platform, Origin, Gondwanaland, Laruasia, what’s included in Asian continents) • Himalayas – look at geological belts • Geomorphology – geomorphic divisions/ terms • 4-5 on mineral resources (look at main producers, largest producers of different types of resources EX: region in general India) • 2 questions on Climate – know information about each subtype of climate (EX: AF subtype where can we find this geographically – location of each climate, characteristics) • Don't worry about numbers in climate • Driest and wettest places – facts/places • Couple questions on Rivers – list of rivers, Large rivers (Indus/Ganges), left and right, system of rivers and characteristics • Classification of lakes • 2-3 questions on Biomes - take a look a Himalayas (different layers of biomes based on Altitude in the Himalayas; vegetation) • General characteristics of biomes (locations are important, no numbers) • Natural Disasters (3-4 questions) – different types, different names for different names, specific examples of natural disasters (don't have to study numbers of death but know info on magnitude and numbers on the disaster itself, characteristics when and where) • Environmental problems (general characteristics of Sou
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