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15. 1M03 March 5, 2014 Where we left off… rise of rome to master of the Mediterranean world -one thing seen in conquests - rome’s greatest strength was endurance -laast couple decades of 3rd century bc rome was engaged in war on three fronts -at home on the italian peninsula, with the carthaginians in spain against scipio, and also antigay macedon -rome focussed on macedonians ▯ 215-205: first macedonian war ▯ 200-196: secongd macedonian war ▯ Phillip lost to Titus Quictius Flamininus in 197 battle of Cynoscephale. 196 freedom of the Greeks and had to pay a crippling debt, offer up soldiers to the romans had freedom dependent on roman power and patronage, were expected to freely follow roman power and leadership ▯ cities of the atolian league led by antiochus iii defied Rome antiochus iii restored the dynasties that the city had lost and expanded the seleucid empire -hannibal had taken refuge with antiochus -ANT wanted to rid roman power in the mediterannean ▯ 192-189 Roman Syrian War ▯ -Eumenes of Peragum sparked the third macedonian war (171-168) against perseus of macedon (phillips son) and the end of the antigonids ▯ in 146 the achaean league decided to challenge roman power in Greece -they were defeated -freedom of the greeks became entirely dependent on the wishes of rome -romans having defeated the league raised the ancient city of Corinth to the ground ▯ -rome still had one grudge to settle -Cato the Elder “Carthage must be destroyed” -was a senator of rome and he made a point in ending every speech he gave with those words -king of numidia (ally of rome) took advantage of carthaginian weakness and took more and more of carthaginian land -carthage continually appealed to rome for help - rome continually sided with numidia -eventually carthage responded with force in 151 -romans use this violation of the peace treaty to launch the third punic war (149-146) -they immediately surrounded 15. 1M03 March 5, 2014 -rome made outrage demand after outrageous demand until finally they told them that they must abandon the city all together in order to have peace -carthaginians -desperate and hopeless- resigned themselves to fighting -scipio aemilianus sets out to destroy carthage and turned its territory into the province ofAfrica ▯ Rome’s expansion does not follow systematic way of growing -also experimenting in the ways of ruling their government through the years -recall: municipium, allies -province: governor sent to reside in province - were subjected to taxation, not required to provide troops, but still local self-government -a roman government had absolute power over all people within his province except for the roman citizens who were able to practice self-government -governor would spend tenor travelling his province -not much of a bureaucracy - governor and set followers, troops to keep peace -romans managed control by the threat of military force and by winning over local elites - granting them roman citizenship, creating networks -early period of roman expansion governors largely focused on military -put down rebellions, maintain peace, protecting the
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