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Sean Corner

History 1M03: Feb 3 rd - The rules and rituals of hoplite warfare reflected the interests of the citizen-farmer-soldier - ButAthens was not a hoplite republic but an imperial, naval democracy - Anew, innovative kind of polis innovated a new kind of warfare - 431 BCE: Spartans with Peloponnesian allies marched intoAttica, no longer willing to tolerate Athenian expansion - Peloponnesian found no hoplite to meet them. - It was in hoplite farmer’s interest to limit warfare to agricultural low season o only time they can be away from their farms ^ o to minimize damage and loss of life o small states with citizen populations with just above a few thousa’nds o each citizens life was precious - By common convention among the Greeks, rather than fight a drawn out war, they limited conflict to one or two set piece battles - Greek warfare up to this time was warfare without strategy, there was only tactics - Custom not to pursue fleeing enemy - The Spartans now didn’t get the war they expected becauseAthens was no longer a traditional polis, no longer a state of citizen-farmer-soldiers, no longer tied to traditional hoplite warfare, it was a democratic imperial naval power - Pericles’city-island strategy o Rather than meet the Peloponnesians Athens would adopt a defensive strategy, transforming herself to a city island o Become a quasi-island: the population of the countryside could come into the long walls, refuse to meet the Spartans, keep imperial revenue letting in, and engage in a longer gain, use fleet to harass the coast, pick on Spartan allies and get them to ally withAthens o ^terrible consequence o In 430 BCE, with all of the population ofAttica taking refuge into the walls an epidemic broke out… PLAGUE - The Plague of 430 BCE o Still stuck to their plan o 20% was affected o 6yrs of their innovated battle was in their favor - 430-425: Spartans stalled,Athenian victories: o 429: Naupactus o 428/7: Mytilene o 425: Pylos - Spartans itself was secure -Athens maintained its empire and struck blows against Peloponnesians through the sea attacking their allies War Across Greece - war between the allies o allies taking opportunities to strike at their own enem
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