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Graeme Ward

Lecture 7 January 28, 2013 HISTORY 1M03: PENTEKONTAETIA (50 YEAR PERIOD) Sources • Thucydides • Plutarch o Life of Pericles • Visual Art, Temples o Parthenon Immediate Aftermath • 479: Creation of Greek expeditionary force • 478: Byzantium o Spartan regent Pausanias in command o Complaints of Greek allies o “He’s dressing like a Persian!” • Athenians take over command The Delian League • 477: Representatives of allies meet at Delos • Oath: Bind themselves to league designed to fight Persia o Delian League (approx. 150 members?) o Under Athenian leadership o Ea. State contributes (ships/money)  Samos, Lesbos, Thasos, Naxos o Temple of Apollo at Delos o Athenian command, use of funds From League to Empire • Cimon, son of Miltiades (Philaid) o 476: Sycros and the “Bones of Theseus” • Cleruchy (pl. cleruchies) o Cleros (farm plot) • 475: Naxos decides to leave league o Athens attacks, confiscates fleet • 467: Battle of Eurymedon River (S. Turkey) o Cimon a hero at Athens • 465: Revolt of Thasos o From “contribution” to “tribute” (eisphora) Athens and Sparta • Cimon vs Themistocles o Cooperation vs competition with Sparta o Status quo vs further “democratization” • 471: Themistocles ostracized o Flees to Persia • 460s: Cimon vs Ephialtes • 462: Earthquake at Sparta > 3 Messenian War o Mt. Ithome o Cimon’s expedition to Sparta > sent home o Cimon ostracized o Athens allies with Argos Reforms of Ephialtes • “Radical Democracy” • Council of Areopagu o Ephilaltes transfers functions to Boule, Ekklisia, Heliaia • 461: Assassination of Ephialtes • Pericles (Alcmaeonid) o Elected strategos from 461-429 Growth of Athenian Empire (460-445) • Athens and Corinth o Megara o Naupactus o 459 > Corinth enters conflict with Athens Athens’ Peak • 457: Battle of Oenophyta (Boeotia) o Athens now dominates Boeotia, Thessaly • 457-454: Campaign in Egypt • 454: Treasury at Delos moved to Athens • 451: Cimon returns > negotiates peace with Sparta o Spartans sign 30 year peace with Argos • 445: Collapse of Athenian empire
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