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History of Greece and Rome-Jan.12 Minoa and Mycenae Continued

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Sean Corner

January 12 Minoa and Mycenae Continued3000 BCEThe earliest formation of states was in Mesopotamia1500 BCEMyceneaensThebes Athens helosMyceneaen states imitate their Minoan predecessorsthey also conquered the Minoan regimeLinear Bgives a more working picture of the functioning of the Kingdom of Pylos c 1200site of the most extensive collection of Linear B tabletsOrganized elaborate centralized administrative power Pylossingle figure in power according to the tablets called the wanax who is followed in the hierarchy by military councils advisors ectEvidence suggests that the collapse of the kingdom was caused by something more complex than the invasion and conquering of the kingdom some sites were attacked around 1200 and then abandoned but others escaped attacked around 1200 but nevertheless themselves in 1150 despite escaping attack and destruction go into decline Also in 1200 show signs of attack but in 1150 they show recovery Regardless of the signs of attack by 1100 most of the sites showed signs of decline A broader regional phenomenonthe Hitites disappearand the Egyptian regime falls into a long period of division and disorder WHYMassive regional collapse cannot be allotted a specific reasoning instead historians give it the label system failure which is the failure of many parts of the regimes whic
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