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History of Greece and Rome-Jan.19 Sparta

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Sean Corner

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January 19 Sparta Spartan Governmental Bodies th Great Rhetra early 7 century earliest Spartan constitutional lawGerousia Council of elders power to initiate and veto laws also a Supreme CourtApella citizen assembly power to pass laws th not in Rhetra early 6 century Euphors overseers the Spartan executivedelivered and upheld lawsTypical archaic polis constitution distribution of powers between the citizen assembly and elite magistratesSpartan dual kingshipnot actual kings but hereditary generalmagistratesHeads of two family held hereditary office king in name only In the Great Rhetracalled LeaderPower over certain laws of inheritance led Spartan army and sat on the Gerousia Did not make laws were subject to these lawsand could be deposed for unlawful conductHereditary lifelong office and generals weirdC8th subordination of the perioikoiSubordinate allies fight with the Spartans allowed them control of foreign affairstade whatnot thst Second half of 8 century 1 Messenian War subjugation of the helots serfsMuch larger territo
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