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Mark Sanagan

THE TAIF ACCORDS OCTOBER 22 1989 The following are excerpts from the Taif Accords PART II: IMPOSING THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE LEBANESE GOVERNMENT OVER ALL LEBANESE LAND Given the agreement among the Lebanese parties on the existence of a strong and able state based on national reconciliation the national accord government shall outline a detailed security plan for a one-year period whose aim shall be: the gradual extension of the sovereignty of the Lebanese government over all Lebanese lands through the State's intrinsic resources. The general elements of the plan are as follows: 1. Declaration of the disbanding of the Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias and the transfer of weapons in their possession to the Lebanese government within six months of the rectification of the document of national reconciliation the election of a president the establishment of a national accord government and the constitutional ratification of the political reforms. 2. The strengthening of the internal security forces through the following measures: a. The opening of recruitment to all people of Lebanon without exception the training of recruits and their dispersal among the district units. Concurrently they will undergo regular and organized courses. b. The strengthening of the security apparatus in order to control border entries and exits by air, sea and land. 3. The strengthening of the armed forces a. The major task of the armed forces is to defend the motherland and when necessary to maintain public order when threatened when the internal security forces are unable to handle the situation alone. b. The armed forces shall be used to help the internal security forces in maintaining security in circumstances to be decided by the government. c. The armed forces shall be united trained and drilled to enable them to bear national responsibility against Israeli aggression. d. When the internal security forces shall be fit to carry out their security missions the armed forces shall be returned to their bases. 1 e. The intelligence system of the armed forces shall be reorganized for sole military purposes. 4. The solution of the problem of Lebanese displaced persons Every Lebanese national who has left his home since 1975 shall have the right to return to his point of departure. Laws will be passed to ensure this right and means of rehabilitation will be provided. Given the aim of the Lebanese government to impose its control over all of Lebanese land through its own resources first and foremost by means of the internal security forces and on the basis of the ties of legitimate Lebanese forces in extending the sovereignty of the Lebanese government during a period of time not exceeding two years after the ratification to the national reconciliation document the establishment of the national accord government and the constitutional ratificatio
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