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Megan Armstrong

What was the Reformation • Historical debates o “revolution” vs medieval reform: § Steven Ozment (revolution) vs Heiko Oberman o “De-securlization vs. “resacralization” of the world § Max Weber Vs. Gerald Strauss Origins of the Reformation • Change is dangerous idea m new threating o Go back to the bible , and new interpretation § Luther was only one true religion ú Babylonian Captivity (1303-1415) • Minds of ppl the early 16 th century o Term point of Petrarch , devoting in church admin in the papacy , pope visiting Avignon , § Avignon ; French rule , ú Heated battle of the pope ú French will take advantage of the pope , pope will die in avigion , get cardinal to elect new pope ú Will stay in avigion for next 85 yrs ú ú Medieval reformers : John Wyclffe , Jan Hus ú Christian Humanism ( Desiderius Erasmus, Thomas more) ú The Imperial context : The holy Roman Empire Martin Luther ( 1483 -1546) • Augustinian friar (1505) o devout catholic , partly due his devout Catholicism change his view and path to salvation/sin o obsessed with unworthiness o Talked about how he hate god § nothing what he did was good enough § spend hours prayer on his knees , flagellation § more extreme to catholic doctrine o Lutheran Doctrine § Catholicism: ú Free will ú original sin ú 7 sacraments • religious rites o baptism o marriage , and final stages ú church structure , prepare you for final meeting with god ú faith , grace and good works • good works = charity , demonstration core value of Jesus , atoning for the sins , doing good Christian acts . Organize mass for the dead . Truly believe sinned § Lutheranism: ú Original Sin • depraved ,cant prove our worthiness § ú Sola fide, gratia , scriptura • faith , graces and scripture o understand god through scripture o can not save self only god grace can save you o if you had gods grace , you will understand the truth of the scriptures ú “priesthood of all believers” • did not priesthood to talk to god • Theological influences : Augustine , St Paul, Romans 1 :17 o developing these new ideas 5 yrs prior o more active component o good works is absolutely useless o we are powerless o catholic church has been misleading o individual relationship between you and god o going after church practices o didn’t believe everyone can be saved § terrible truth ú only god knows who he will save o didn’t have worry about his soul , god will decide § burden lifted , felt at peace • The indulgences Controversy (1517)
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