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Stephen Heathorn

Why Revolution in 1789? -if revolution was just because of oppressed people, it would have been commonplace in history, but it is not -a momentous event, changes all of Europe and the world in significant ways -the French Revolution is a period; not just an event, but a process Long-Term Fiscal Situation  France is basically bankrupt, the King gets money from taxes  Bankrupt due to:  Wars (mostly w/ Britain); anemic domestic commerce; tax system (ie. Taille, Gabelle, Corvee) for produce, for salt and 'time owed to the govt, 1 or 2 days to build roads'  Tax system: govt would appoint certain 'tax farmers', and they have to raise an X amount of money --> leads to corruption, ineffective because the amount of money they owed to the government wasn't always consisted  Britain is able to continue these wars due to a better tax system for the government  The difficulty of reform -- Louis was TRYING to reform, but it's difficult, but he's trying to reform the nobles who need to pay their way Political Crisis  Nobles and the Parlements Intellectual Impact of the Enlightenment  The Philosophes (Voltaire, Diderot, etc.)  Often liberals  When the King decides he is going to call the Estates-General in the 1780s (for people to be elected), there was great excitement because many of the nobles + middle classes were influenced by the Enlightenment and the Philosophes who have been arguing for more individual freedom from the King Economic and Social Crisis, 1788 Calling of the Estates-General, 1788
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