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A.Mc Queen

Art History 2DF3 February 11,2013. Realism: Jean- Francois Millet 1848 Revolution Social realism Jules Breton Gustave Courbet Second Republic (1848-52) Louis Napoleon, Prince- President Ornans Impasto Frieze Bourgeoisie Proletariat What to include: Venue Patronage Method and materials Subject mature Content driven answers, don’t describe the work. Use terms on the powerpoint. (realist and explain). Millet- subject matter and soci historical context. Controversy at salon of 1857. This work was shown at the salon an the critical response to it was negative because they thought he was speaking against the government. Taking a genre scene previously on used for history painting and changing it. Informed by the events of the revolution. Provisonal government set up after Phillipe abdicated in 1848. Over the next months the provisional government held elections and established the second republic. Conservative viewers responded as a critiques of progress in agriculture. What Millet thought was reality was to them a critique. Breton”s “the recall of the gleaners” in comparison. Bretons has gleaners standing upright and all seems well. The figures are far more idealised. Strategies of similitude. Millet adjusts his figures. Reality as far as content (realistic). Millet’s is entirely composed. Not like he went out and saw this exact view. Realist works are not supposed to be like a photograph. His work is called social realism. Political content making a statement around the subject matter that you see. From artist’s perspective it was not a conscious decision. The works were received that way by the public. He had a successful patronage base among private collectors. Courbet- “Burial at ornans” also known as funeral ornans. Salon at 1850. Important that it was shown at the salon. Shown during the second republic period. State decided to hold the salon of 1848 without a jury, following the revolutionary uprisings. Twice as many artworks were submitted to the salon in 1848/ Courbet had trouble getting his work accepted so he submitted a huge number of paintings. Although there were other jurors they took more lenient attitudes. Takes a contemporary sunject and paints it on canvas in an incomporable scale. Over 3m tall 6m in length. Locates it in particular town, this is the town he’s actually from. Geological formations of the cliffs and the chateau. Much that’s done to locate us in a specific place. Shows us the funerary customs of contemporary society in 1850. Response was very negative. Accepted by jury by artist who had shown quite a bit but seen as challenging with regards of subject matter. Presentation of subject- people found it difficult to read this painting. The grave is the closest thing to you, and
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