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A.Mc Queen

Art history January 14,2013 King Louis XVI Queen Marie Antoinette Ancient regime Absolute monarchy Convocation of the Estates French Revolution 1789-99 National Assembly Storming of the Bastille Letter de cachet Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen March on Versailles Republic Jacques Louis David Jabobin Party Maximilien Robespierre Reign of Terro Charlotte Corday Michelangelo Caravaggio Guillotine Elisabeth Vigee- le brun Reception piece Royal Academy of Painting and sculpture Emigres The Death of Marat by David in 1793- Reign of Terror th Callet- portrait of Louis the 16 Vigee- Le Brun- portrait of Marie Antoinette 1783 th Historical period that Louis 16 is a part of is a broad historical period called the ancient regime called the old regime. Political system grounded in aristocracy. Structured france between 15 and 16thc. st Louis- absolute monarch and hereditary monarch, granted by birth order (1 born and living son). Women cannot rule hereditary monarchy cannot be passed to eldest female. Marriage is for political reason, typical for king to be to be married to a woman who is not of French descent. More important to make allegiances. Marie Antoinette- from Austria A decade of revolution, socio economic concerns- economically and culturally were poor harvest in 1780’s. The cost of grain and bread escalated and a lot of people couldn’t afford this. Large group of people in the country side due to hunger and they see the court life represented in prints. Can’t travel to museums but they see it in prints or they’ll hear about the lifestyle at court, In court they don’t miss meals and they live in luxury. Strong disconnect. Taxes were horrible the poor were very heavily taxed while the rich benefit from it. The court does not live in the capital, located outside the capital. Strong sense of dislike of the clergy, They want to establish republicanism, desirable to elect one’s officials rather than have it be a hereditary assignment. France has a huge debt, in part of involvement in wars. Especially intervention in the American revolution. Convocation of the Estates General- May 1789. Louis calls this convocation. Signals a willingness to st discuss. Estates General made up of representatives of the people. Three estates- 1 is the clergy and the Catholic church, 2 nobility, 3 rd (had to be male 25 years or older and had to pay taxes). Wanted to discuss possibility of constitutional monarchy ( would have to listen to advice from elected members of t
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