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Realism Jan 30, 2013 Eugene Delacroix Bourbon Restoration (1814-30) King Charles X (1824-30) Four Ordinances Cockade Honore Daumier King Louis-Philippe (1830-48) July Monarchy Lilthography Alois Senefelder La Caricature September Laws 1835 Charles Philipon Caricature Phrenology Bohemian/bohemianism Delacroix’s work “28 oj July 1830 Liberty leading the people” Charles the 101824-30 Unemploment level increading in the 1820s. Tense economic conditions. There were elections. th Constitutional monarchy with Varles 10 was the head. The result of this election was that the number of royalists decreased. The number of liberal increased. Charles the 10 the king was not happy with this series of elctions. The 4 ordinances of 1830. He dissolved the chamber of deputies. Abolishing the usefulness of that election. Reinstituted press censorship. Changed electorship to aristocracy. Making the right to vote only to aristocrats. The 4 ordinance was to make the election that had just taken place useless. Did this in late July. Incredible backlash from lawyers and journlists because of press censorship. Result was that journalists mobilized people. Too late because of the backlash which manifested in the barricades. The July revolutions. The modes of representation. Range of military figures to show that everyone came together on the streets of Paris. Delacroix chooses the middle day. His use of colour and the real and the allegory of history. The use of symbols Cockade- part of the connections in history in this composition. Creation of the composition of the tri colored flag. The three colour came of this rosette of material. People pinned it to themselves to show the colours of France. Worn by people that stormed the Bastille. Symbol of revolution.White was added because of its connection to France. Originally just blue and red. Completed it in 1830 and submitted it to the salon. Held in the spring. The salon of 1831. Perceptions of the salon as a conservative body that censors art needs to be addressed. The state usually uys work and then controls it. The raft of medusa controvery is also another example of censorship after controvery. Form of acquiring pieces of art and putting them in storage. The reason the state didn’t support delocroix’s painting was because it was seen as a critique of Charles the 10 ’s government. The existing government was uncomfortable with it. The new government was called the July monarchy. King Louis Phillipe. Had longer rule than previous Louis. July monarchy beg
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