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Art History- January 16,2013 The Academy and Anti Acdemics in the late 18 and early 19 c art. Michaelangelo Caaravaggio Elizabeth Vigee- Le Brun Allegory Reception piece Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture Charles- Alexandre de Catonne Emigres Memoirs Souvenirs Napolean 1 First Republic First Empire Musee Napoleon Apollo Belvedere Laocoon Rubens Van Eyck Reign of Terror- because of the incredible number of people who were killed, mass graves were used near churches. Marie Antoinette and Louis were placed in mass graves. Period called restoration saw them being exumed. There was a desire to exume them rebury them. Back to Marat Painting- st The patrons were the Jacobin Party. 1 French Republic begins in 1792. The work is positied as being real. It is meant to show that he suffered. He is a promoter of the 3 estate. He meant to be seen as someone to emphasize and desire. Reference other painting that takes marat’s secular body and staged in a religious aspect. He is on the virgin mary’s llap and it is tied to Catholic religion. Caravaggio also referenced “entombment from 1792” from the baroque period Help build perspective of Marat’s body being the body of a martyr. Charascoreis more subtle. Starker contrast and multi directionality around the light. Vigee- le Brun 1780 “ Peace bringing back abundance” Allegory- this work is an example of allegorical painting and allegorical history painting. Muilti faceted with the history of the academy and gender. Painted in 1780 and presented in 1783. She was accepted at the royal academy of painting and sculpture. Founded in 1648, created by the crown. Has at the time of vigee le brun. A quota system that there can only be 4 female artists at one time. One wants to be a part of this institution because it impacts how you can presen your work. Vigee is very successful. She had to present a reception piece to show your skills. Significance of the nude body, As a female artist she doesn’t have access to the male nude body because at the time it was seen as inappropriate so she uses female bodies. How do you justify the flesh and the inclusion of females in the subject when you’re supposed to be a historical artist? Women are used as allegorical for abundance, cities… She uses this to combine her techniques of history an artist that uses the femal body. Made most of her money from portruture. If you are a member of the royal academy then you canshow your pieces at the salon. Vigee also was a part of the academy of st luc. Doesn’t attract the same audiences and doesn’t have the same prestige. Very successful use of musculature in a female way. Her ability to represent coulour and textiles. All of this comes together to make a very successful work to show her talents. There is a combination of someone who has studied the human body an makes their skin with no blemishes and enhances their beauty. Very typical of neo classicism. Recieves important commission. Finance minister (calonne) the portrait of calonne 1784. We see a lot of her ability in this portrait. Representation of textiles and silk. Light from external source to look lush elegant and sophisticated and wealthy. Subtle features encorporated in this work. Calonn has commissioned this work, he wants this to be positive memory of himself so he went to vigee who had a reputation of doing just that. Port
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