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Katharine Rollwagen

• Political Structure o Flexible  Hierarchy  East, leaders of hunting bands only had authority as long as they were fit or useful o Consensus decision making  Trying to come to decisions of where to go and how to relate to other groups were made in groups (men and women) • Women in charge of nominating men who were to make decisions • Warfare o Shifting alliances  Between and within groups  Warfare = innate characteristic of aboriginal  savages idea • Later have abandoned this assumption  Relationships can turn violent of access to territory and resources  Warfare based on revenge o “Mourning wars”  One group of people would raid another group of people to take prisoners, to increase their own population after a famine, or disease  Helping to insure you have the man power to survive to produce the things, food the hunting, to make the society work  Prisoners would be assimilated into the families that have taken them o Iroquois Confederacy  Some fought wars in between themselves  Sometime before 1500, 5 different groups, decided they had enough of this war and made a confederacy  They became the 5 nations, later the 6 nations  Each groups elected representatives and they would make decisions together, wasn’t always easy, but because it was a consensus decision model, they would talk it out, no one group at more power then the other  Made them more powerful then other groups • Land Use o Authority came from knowledge of land o Based on stewardship, survival, not ownership  Authority came from skills o Had adapted and adopted to the land and one another (trade networks) o Land shaped spiritual beliefs o Lack of written language – therefore couldn’t teach new generations to live, they told everything through story telling
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