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2T03 Reading on Women

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Maxime Dagenais

2T03 Readings: Racism and Women - 1839 – Anne Langton’s complaints about women being slaves in the country due to the amount of work they have to do 5 - In Upper Canada/Canada West, those concerned with the economic and political development of the colony see women’s work as having limited lasting consequences 5 - Colonial leaders in the press and the pulpit extolled the virtues of the domestic woman 5 - Separate spheres 5 - Women often invisible in histories of the period 6 - Successful female business owners, though, were applauded 6 - The actual work women did varied according to economic resources and rank in cities and whether they lived in a developing area or on a farm 6 - Hard to find out what they did, most did not have the time, resources, and/or ability to record their experiences 6 - Often our evidence comes from correspondences 6 - References in diaries, local newspaper job notices 7 - Women, work, and family are inseparable categories in Upper Canada 7 - Almost all women in UC married at least once 7 - In the first half of the 19 century, UC supported the idea of marrying for love and affection 7 - Mary Gapper had to give up her independence and never see her sister again but married for love and did not regret her decision 8 - Women not protected from abuse 8 - Divorce took an act of Parliament and was almost impossible to attain 8 - Wives often resorted to running away – husbands posted newspaper ads warning against trusting the wife 9 - Sarah Pet
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