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Maxime Dagenais

Readings 2T03 Conrad 13-14, 17-18 Chapter 13: The Maritime Colonies - In the half century following the Napoleonic Wars, the maritime colonies experienced unprecedented growth 225 - Factors pushing people out of Great Britain 227 - Reasons for Scottish immigration to Canada 227 - Increasingly productive commercial economy 229 - Domestic economy 231 - Demand for the products and services of an artisan class actually expanding 232 - Supported an administrative and professional class of doctors, lawyers, clergy, politicians, and military officers 232 - Patriarchy and paternalism 233 - Organized religion – protestant and Roman Catholic churches more aggressive 233 - Evangelicalism growing in popularity 233 - Most educators religious 234 - Rich still favoured 235 - Representative and responsible government 235 - Conservatism, liberalism, socialism 236 - Irish movement for repeal of the Union of 1801 236 - Reform of PEI land ownership laws 236 - Executive responsibility to the majority in the assembly in New Brunswick - Responsible government represented the official transfer of power from the British to the colonial middle class Chapter 14: Newfoundland and Labrador - Among the last to enjoy civilian government 246 - Naval government 247 - Migratory fishery inevitably led to settlement 248 - Salted fish the main source of economy 249-250 - No other colony so dependent on impor
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