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War in the West

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Martin Horn

Lecture 11 191011 War of 1918the Western Fronty When the war ends in 1918 its ending comes a s a shock to the allieso This rapidity is shocking y The allies were planning a campaign in 1919 The Entry of USA into the War and the American Contributiony Americans enter in 1917y This is the disaster year for the allies militarilyy It is a terrible yeary Not all is bleak the Americans enter the way in April of 1917 Caporetto 1917y This Italian defeat almost knocks them out of the war Nielle offensivey The French in 1917 saw their army exhausted and in this wake they were plagued by largescale disaffection Passchendaley The British were bogged down in the mud at PasschendaeleWoodrow Wilsony President of the US in 1914 on the onset of the wary Wilson is reelected in 1916 to a second term as Presidenty He has very powerful ideas about the war and the nature of the war y Wilson thinks in 1914 that the powers are more or less equally guolty in the coming of the wary He is not inclined to apportioned blame on one party or the othery With this in mind when war comes he tells the Americans to be neutral in thought and deedo Strict neutrality not to get involvedy Something changes to change is view and the Americans viewso 1Economyas the war goes on and demands more resources increasingly the allies are buying in the US They are buying food grain wheat locomotives and arms war material They are buying it as the demands of the war increase on a greater scale If this buying had been equally distributedif the Germans were also purchasing in the US on a massive scalethere would be no bias The allies were buying in the US because the British Navy controls the seasThe allies have greater financial resources in the USAn economic boom is sparked in the USmuch of the US prosperity is identified with allied prosperity American opinion is shaped in favour of the allies o 2The question of the neutrality of the seas Under international law neutral shipping should be inviolate but in practise the British have a blockade to block merchant shipping headed towards Europe This excites tensions The German navy in response to
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