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War in the West

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Lecture Fourteen 103111Air Power in the Interwar Periodthy The air plane is a 20 century technologyy When the first world war broke out in 1914 the airplane was in its infancyo It is a new technologyo Relatively few people knew howto flyo There is no passenger airline y 1911War between Italy and the Ottoman Empireo Italian pilot dropped four bombs by hando This is the first instance of air power in combaty The basic approaches to air power was laid out in the time of the world warso It is still very much the same todayy Enola GayHiroshima 1914500 y All of the powers combined had a total of 500 planes at their disposaly People understood that the airplane could do certain thingso 1 useful in reconnaissanceseeing what the enemy was doing You could fly over the enemies lines and see what they were up to There was a problem with thisreporting back what you had seeny There was no radio and there were no method of signallingy Pilots would wrap a message around a note and drop it This function is and was still undertaken by aircrafts todayo 2 could aid artillery in firingy Antiaircraft fireo As soon as an airline crossed over enemy lines artillery was fired at ito These roles became specialized in order to bring aircrafts downo Needed another plane to go behind the reconnaissance airplane to shoot it downy In 1914 when war comes they dont have the technology to shoot a machine gun through the propellero It shoots the propeller down and takes down the planeo In the beginning they mount a gun further backy Modern fighters were planes whose sole purpose was to shoot down other planeso Comes to pass in 1915o There is a steady improvement in the technology They become quicker They can climb faster Turn better More durable Come in different types two or three wingso New models are rolled out by both sides to get an advantage in the air war
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