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Lecture 6

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Bonny Ibhawoh

Background  India: an ancient and Fragmented Society  Moghul Empire (16 century)  Religious and Linguistic Diversity o Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam  Decline of Moghul Empire Indian Nationalism  The quest for representative government/self determination/democracy  The rise of British-educated Indian elites  Indian National Congress (1885)  Hindu/Muslim Divide: All-India Muslim League (1906)  Indian Councils Act 1909 (Morley-Minto Reforms)  Impact of international events on nationalism o Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905 o World War I  Indian act of 1919  Women’s right to vote 1925 (conditional)  The Amritsar Massacre 1919: (Rowlatt Act): Rallying point for the Indian independence movement o British officials fired on peaceful protestors o Was the tipping point Crisis, Conflicts and Non-Violence  Gandhi and the philosophy of Satyagraha: Mohandas Gandhi – Mahatma (“Great Soul”) o Hindu religious tradition o Nonviolent movement Satyagraha (truth force) o Non-cooperation o Gandhi was British educated o Comes from a well-off family o Trained as a lawyer in one of Britain’s best university o Served on the British side of a war o Much of his philosophy of nonviolence came from seeing war first- hand o Deeply moral, philosophical and spiritual aspect to his nonviolent philosophy  Gandhi’s Political Advocacy: o Campaign of civil disobedience against the British rule o Did not obey but did not fight back o Expand the nationalist movement to include masses o Have to counter evils within their own society
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