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Bonny Ibhawoh

History – February 12 , 2013h th Review from Friday (Snow Day) February 8 , 2013  How to societies dehumanize other people  There has to be a way to dehumanize people otherwise the holocaust and stuff would not have worked  Jews were considered rats in Germany and cockroaches in Romania  Infesting the pure states  End of the war: Hiroshima and Nagasaki  Was the dropping of the bomb justified Legacies of the War  Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR): 1948  For the first time all the nations of the world come together to agree on a set of principals  The Cold War: Polarized World Order o Second world war became beginning of a new war o Creates two realities: one promoting world peace and human rights and the other undermining these Background  India: an ancient and Fragmented Society o Were ancient civilizations o  Moghul Empire (16 century) o Had a longer flourishing civilization o First imperialism: settler imperialism o Second imperialism: only partly settler colonialism o Never an intension to fully settle  Religious and Linguistic Diversity o Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam  Decline of Moghul Empire  Civil wars and foreign intervention  British Conquest and Control th o British Raj: 18 Century o  Wars of conquests  Treaties with local rulers o Was not just about conquest o Sometimes early colonies signed peace treaties British Rule in India  Economic motive for British Imperialism in India  Raw materials for British textile mills  Railroads to maximize economic potentials  Processing industries, coal mines  Trade and British Imperialism in India o Cotton and jute o Second most important item of economic activity between India and Britain was jute o Find out what jute was, what it was used for and if it is still relevant o Export-based economies took raw materials from India to Britain  Quest for secure trade routes between the Indian Ocean, East Asia and Britain  Social and Educati
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