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Bonny Ibhawoh

thGlobal History in the 20 CenturyThe First World War The Great War The Course of the WarThe course of the warThe appeal and popularity of war o Dominions Canada New Zealand Australia South Africa o They had an interest in fighting for colonialism o Many colonies and dominions fought enthusiastically for the colonial powers o Contributed men resources etc to the side of the war that were trying to take them over o Why wouldnt they try to fight against the colonies trying to overtake them o They thought that if they helped these colonies they would be given independenceMilitary successes reversals o German Schlieffen planBattle stalemate o Trench warfare Digging In o Barbed wire was used to deter enemies from trenchesTotal war battlefield misery o Tanks barbed wire Uboats poison gas o Poison gas was used for the first time on the western front o Most devastating weapons of war were usedTurning points in the war o Russian revolution 1917 o Entry of the US o Germans never thought US would make an impact if they joined o US had a way larger impact and changed the dynamics of the warThe War Outside EuropeWhat makes this a World War o Some people think it is not a world war because it was a European conflict it just had global impacts o It was a world war because the whole world was affected in some way o War was marketed differently in different places to get men to want to fightColonial imperialism and the globalization of warUS involvementWar and imperialism The British Empire o India and Africa capture of German coloniesThe role of Canada o Battle of Vimy Ridge o Proved that Canada was independent and could fight on its own
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