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Lecture 2

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Bonny Ibhawoh

 Laws were made that only bullets that flattened when they hit the human body could be used  People today do not build empires  A long time ago people used to build empires  Empires were the rout of conflicts (people wanting to break away from their empires and build new ones) Course Themes  A violent century and an “age of extremes”  Global conflicts of unprecedented scale  Competing political ideologies and economic theories  Sweeping social changes  Old empires were challenged and collapsed  New states and nationalisms  Age of human rights  Why study global history? o Globalization o Comparative analysis Know and understand themes and know examples of them  Wars  Conflicts and violence  Political and social revolutions  Human rights  Imperialism  Nationalism Scientific and Economic Trends  The dominance of the west o Industrial revolution – 18 /19 centuries o Industrial revolution changed the dynamics of the world and gave the west technological advantages o Western societies moved to industrial societies o Scientific advantages, military advantages o They were able to go over seas (built ships) o Could now colonize and dominate other empires  Science and technology o Charles Darwin: On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection 91859) o Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity o Advances in Healthcare: smallpox, scarlet fever o Advances in Communication: 1872-Bell Telephone o Airplane: 1903 – T
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